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Thoughts for my loved ones, near and far

Honeysuckle days are upon us. Those sweet days after winter, before the mosquitoes invade the south and the air feels like a wet down comforter. Evening walks with my children filled with the delicate perfume of honeysuckle and once chubby hands thrusting a curated flower towards me to try its nectar. Sweet moments that I will cherish. Talks that challenge and fill my cup. Our honeysuckle walks and talks are a treasure, varied and intimate.

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Semper Fi, Yeager

For quite some time, I have shared the story of our beloved Sergeant Yeager in the context of his military service with Lance Corporal...

Unbridled, the Spirit of Lucy

Lucy was a beautiful chestnut mare, larger than life to my eight year old self. I recall rubbing the white patch on her forehead. The...

Blue Birds Fly

Aunt Millie was a hard pill to swallow for some people. I recall the looks of disdain and disapproving mumbles given by some after she...

Jump on Two

The little plane inched its way up through the white puffy clouds that had replaced the ugly storm clouds of just an hour prior. There...

An Angel Named John

At the top of Old Indian Road, extravagant love was cultivated amidst the orchards of the Hudson Valley. Neighbors would wake up to...

Tender Strength

For many years, this has been my early morning scene. A sweet friend who is never ashamed of being sensitive, and the opened book that...

The Ripshin Goat Dairy

The Ripshin Goat Dairy, a sixth generation farm, drips with a heritage of thoughtful people. Gardens throughout the property, speckled...

Country People are My People

The french press had been broken last week, so William knocked on the garret door and said that he would like to discuss coffee in the...

Cake for a Heartbreak

Ever the pragmatist, I don’t bake a cake unless there is a reason to bake one; a celebration of some variety. When I dumped on my career...

Scraped Knees and Compassion

Fear left unlabeled and unchallenged will be the ruin of relationships, communities, and the economy as we knew it...

Fear Without Defeat

I hear the murmurs, see the fear turning to anger; anger always comes from fear or sadness.

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