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Thoughts for my loved ones, near and far

Honeysuckle days are upon us. Those sweet days after winter, before the mosquitoes invade the south and the air feels like a wet down comforter. Evening walks with my children filled with the delicate perfume of honeysuckle and once chubby hands thrusting a curated flower towards me to try its nectar. Sweet moments that I will cherish. Talks that challenge and fill my cup. Our honeysuckle walks and talks are a treasure, varied and intimate.

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Blue Birds Fly

Aunt Millie was a hard pill to swallow for some people. I recall the looks of disdain and disapproving mumbles given by some after she...

An Angel Named John

At the top of Old Indian Road, extravagant love was cultivated amidst the orchards of the Hudson Valley. Neighbors would wake up to...

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