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500 Nights

500 nights you told me you’d come to me. I wept, forlorn, my own embrace insufficient

500 nights I held you in my heart, and wrapped a blanket of love about you

500 nights I cried out to God to show me the way of honor

500 nights my heart beat a rhythm of hope deferred

500 nights love's thirsty roots withered the leaves, only the morning dew to quench

500 nights of unknowing and longing, a pain to be united in divine sacrament

500 nights I waited to hear your footsteps at my door, only to learn they’d be never more

In 500 days, you threw it all away

500 days, I prayed while you played

500 nights more, to untangle my soul from yours

Untangle my heartstrings that wove a tapestry incomplete

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